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Andover Exclusive Celebrates One Year

Time flies when you're having fun and somehow a year of Andover Exclusive fun has passed in no time at all. How do we know it's been a year? Well, I just got the bill to renew our website service. Yikes! I guess the prices of everything are going up not just gas, food, and Netflix. (Click on some ads or something guys)

Not all the articles have been good or even all that interesting, but here we are! It's been a banner year here at Andover Exclusive. We reported on wildlife, board meetings, road work and a plethora of shenanigans. I've appreciated all the hot news story tips and updates about local events. We're also now on several local press release email lists, which is kind of cool. I don't always report on everything since I have a day job and you know how that is. Anyone wanting to submit a guest article is more than welcome to help out.

I have appreciated all of the support and encouragement from Andover residents and former residents throughout the year. Together you've made this blog a huge success. We made it into the leading historical text in Andover, This Year in Andover. Andover Exclusive was also linked to by legitimate local news sources like The Wellsville Sun. has had over 35,000 views and our Facebook page has been viewed over 18,000 times. I think my parents are probably pretty proud that I'm finally using that English degree I insisted on getting. I didn't ask, but they should be.*

Gratitude for my sporadic pseudo-journalism can be expressed via drinks at the Village Pub, high fives, donations to a local Andover organization or by sending more hot local news tips my way.

*My dad proofread this and he said he was "for sure" proud, but he was laughing when he said it so...jury is still out.

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