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Main Street Flower Planters are Here!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

As many villagers may have noticed the town's flower committee, traditionally headed by Mel Thorpe * with Cindy Vance managing the flowers on the main street island, have been out in force this week. The wooden flower planters have been placed along Main Street and filled with soil.

The flower planters were created by ACS shop class students and have been replaced several times over the years. This year's crop appear to be the same planters as last year. They have a country chic/rustic farmhouse type vibe that seems to really fit in on Main Street.

A committee member had not been reached at time of publication for comment on what type of flowers might be installed, but village speculation is that they'll the same as every year before now. So we can expect a nice colorful mix of **geraniums with some greenery.

The committee has also been spotted cleaning up the Joyce Memorial Park on the corner of Main and E Greenwood St. This leads some villagers to speculate that there may be some additional flowers planted at the park this year.

If you'd like to volunteer to assist with the flower installation the flower committee would probably appreciate the help. Wear sunscreen and expect to have at least a dozen conversations about the weather and how long winter was this year.

*correction per Cindy who didn't want to take credit away from the Main Street flower committee.

**turns out I also know nothing about flower varieties

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