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New Serpent on the Block

Deep in the heart of a couple of blueberry bushes on Barney Street lurks a Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum. Otherwise known as Eastern Milk Snakes, these snakes are very docile creatures who do not bite unless provoked and are nonvenomous.

Eastern Milk Snakes are not as common in the Andover area as garter snakes, but they're not particularly rare either. Their most common stomping/slithering grounds run from northern Alabama all the way to Maine. They get their name from hanging out around dairy barns in order to dine on the barn mice and other small rodents.

This particular Milk Snake has been named Michelle by a local reptile enthusiast who would like to remain anonymous. We agree that she does really look like a Michelle with a sweet little face and sassy slither. Michelle is an adolescent of about 12 inches and adults of her species can reach up to 36 inches when full grown.

Michelle enjoys long slithers under the porch, constricting mice, and sunny afternoons. If you come across Michelle or one of her posse it's recommended that you leave them be. They'll keep your yard mouse free and won't give you any trouble. Her striping might seem a little scary, but like most teens Michelle does not think you're cool and will probably slither off mid-conversation.

eastern milk snake
Eastern Milk Snake Michelle out chillin'

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