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Tall Pines Mud Prom 2021

ATV Mud Pit
View of the Mud Pit by Genesee Valley Media

Tall Pines ATV held the 7th Annual Mud Prom yesterday, and each year has gotten bigger and muddier. The idea for the event came after Kent Farms/Tall Pines hosted the Andover Central School 2014 prom. The ACS prom was such a success they wondered how to improve on that, and of course, mud improves everything. The Mud Prom was born the following summer.

The slogan for the annual Mud Prom at Tall Pines is "Come dressy, get messy." Mud Prom attendees certainly complied. You might think a mud prom doesn't sound like a family-friendly event, but you'd be wrong. Families came out to dress up, ride ATVs, compete for cash, and dance the night away. There was a lot of comradery in the air and a really fun atmosphere.

The main event of any prom is usually the dance, but with Mud Prom the mud is the star of the day. As encouragement to get everyone mudding Tall Pines hosted the Dash for Cash event which began at 2pm. Bottles containing cash and envelopes were placed at the end of the ATV obstacle course and folks had to run across the muddy course to get their shot at cash prizes. There were 3 groups: 18-and-under, Men, and Women.

Formal wear was not required at Mud Prom, but was highly encouraged. Seeing what everyone is wearing is a big part of the fun. Ladies wore their prom finery, and men came in suits and dresses as well. One observer stated, "Honestly, I think more of the men were wearing dresses than the women. Some guys just really know how to fill out a frock."

Local band Longshot played the part of Mud Prom Band and closed out the night with some country and rock tunes. While most people changed out of their muddy finery a few folks did bring the mud to the Mud Prom. There was boot scootin', slow dancing and overall rugs were cut and good times were had.

If you missed out this year there is always the 8th Annual Mud Prom to look forward to next year. Who knows what fun surprises Tall Pines will come up with by then. They are also still open for the rest of their regular season for camping and riding if you're not into formal events. Check out the Tall Pines website for schedules, availability, and events.

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