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Village Pub Bartender Still (Probably) Remembers Your Order

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Now that restrictions are easing more folks are getting out and exploring old haunts. Even though they haven't seen many of you in well over a year the bartenders at the pub still recall their regulars' orders. Like your beer over ice? Yeah... they know. Vodka soda no lime? Yup... they know.

When asked if it's been difficult recalling their regulars orders after such a long hiatus the bartender on duty stated, "Not unless people have changed their tastes really. Honestly, there aren't a lot of new faces, it's just that now I can see their faces. "

If your tastes have changed during quarantine, be sure to let your bartender know as soon as you enter or you may end up finding your usual drink poured before you even sit down. One local patron stated, "Yeah, that happened to me, and honestly I didn't not want a Scotch Ale."

*this article does not guarantee they'll remember your order.

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