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Village Tree and Shrub Initiative Completed

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

You may have noticed some new trees and shrubs around town in the last week. We have the Kathryn and Conrad Church foundation to thank for many of our new green neighbors.

Funds from Church's are given to the village of Andover yearly to maintain the beautiful Maple trees that line our streets and plant more when needed. Most front yards in the village have benefitted in some way from the generosity of the Church family whether it be in tree maintenance, removal, or replanting.

This year's tree and shrub recipients were Hillside Cemetery, Andover Volunteer Rescue Corps, Andover Village Office, Andover Haunted House, and 15 local families. Plants ranged from lilacs to maple trees and everything in between with shrubs being a touch more popular this year.

Many thanks to the Church family as well as the village board and crew for assisting with the purchase and distribution of the next generation of tree residents of Andover.

*Mel Thorpe would like it to be known that this fund does not necessarily provide for maintenance of the old large Maples or of any other trees on private property. Do with that what you will.

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