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Andover Exclusive is a completely made up blog publication that came about when I got bored one evening.  News these days is always so divisive and political and I wanted to write the kind of articles that I would want to read. All of the "news" contained on this blog has only been observed or "researched" in the most superficial ways. I'm not a real journalist and have no interest in being one.

This blog will only contain blog posts from my perspective about Andover, NY (both village and town), Andover residents or former residents who have done particularly cool stuff. I'm open to suggested topics, but all topics should be Andover focused and not mean spirited. All blog posts will be petty level town speculation full of assumptions and rumors. If you find anything factually incorrect please feel free to send an email and I'll review it and maybe correct it. No promises.

There will be no NO political posts so if you want a blog post written about local politics or who is running for mayor or taxes you are in the wrong place. I will also NOT be writing about local emergencies (fires, accidents, arrests etc.).  That is probably actual news and you should check in with an actual news source that does fact checking and has journalistic integrity. Any political or mean spirited comments will also be removed both on this blog and on the related Facebook page.

This is a private enterprise and I reserve the right to stop writing it if and when I feel like it.

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