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Andover 6th Grader Takes 4th Place

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Andover native Jennifer Comstock finished 4th in the Novice 1 category in her 3rd go-kart race of the season at KB Speedway in Stannards today. This is a big win for Jennifer as this is her first year competing.

The ACS 6th grader started out in 6th position in Kart number 12 and held steady at 2nd for the majority of the race. She finished strong in 4th place and her coach/mechanic/step-dad, pit crew (papa and big brother Ethan) and mom couldn't be more proud.

Jennifer is thankful for her sponsors Affordable Auto, Steve's Gas and Grub Hub, Tim Brown, M&B racing, Michael Cook at State Farm, step-dad Rob and all the generous customers at her bake sale. Jennifer's mom Ashley says "She puts in so much work and never complains. She stayed out in the cold and rain all day at her sale when most kids would have given up." Andover residents did not disappoint as the bake sale sold out by 2pm.

We're looking forward to seeing how the rest of her and the other Andover racers' season unfolds. Mom is probably going to need to put up a new trophy shelf.

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