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Andover Girl Wins Big at Rodeo

Andover 9 year old Gianna Frungillo won big at the 2021 Allegany County Fair Rodeo. Gianna placed 2nd on her 20 year old pony, Sunshine, in the Junior Barrel Races aged 12 and under. She won a $36 prize which she plans to put towards tack for her horse and things for her dog.

At age 9 Gianna is already an accomplished horsewoman. She received her first mini pony when she was 3 years old and took to riding naturally. Gianna's grandma and mom both helped to train her along with spending a lot of her time watching videos online for tips and tricks.

Gianna has competed at Allegany County Saddle Dusters in Belmont for a few years now and this will be the first year that she has competed in enough shows to qualify for the end of year awards. She is presently in first place, but is not putting the cart before the horse and is looking forward to riding in her next Allegany Saddle Dusters Show on August 14th.

Andover is proud of you Gianna!

***UPDATE: She won 1st at today's (7/24/2021) competition.***

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