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Andover Youth Baseball Team Does Not Make Headlines, or Did They Just Now?

The Andover Majors youth baseball team has been having a great season. But so far, the national media has been avoiding the coverage of this amazing team. No ESPN highlights, no features on websites, nothing. But this group of 10-12 year old boys has been spitting seeds and taking names all spring.

The team is lead by star catcher Colton Calladine, who leads the league with 5 homeruns on the season. Gavin Frungillo is the ace on the mound with a whopping 71 strikeouts in 29 innings pitched. Infielders Rogan Perkins, Gage Putnam, and Blaise Richmond have been doing the job with their gloves and anchoring the middle of the lineup by scoring a combined 37 runs. Outfielder Carter Grice is the spark plug of the team as the "hype man" always shows up clutch when his speed is needed on the basepaths. The success of this team wouldn't be possible without the contributions of the first year players. The young core of Kaiden Brewster, Mason Cook, Darius Rossrucker, Nathaniel Wagner and Samuel Wagner have been getting the job done all season. This group is letting the county know that this team won't be going away anytime soon.

With 10 wins and just 2 losses, they are something to see, and you have one more chance to see them in person on Monday night at 6pm. It is also a great chance to see what has been happening at the Grove and find out more about the future of that park. Come on out and support these Andover kids.

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