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It's 'Curtains' Up for ACS Drama Club

The locally renowned Andover Central School Drama Club is presenting for your viewing pleasure a mysterious comedy, Curtains, by Craig Sodaro. There will be two performances on March 24th and 25th at 7pm in the newly remodeled ACS Auditorium. This two-act masterpiece is the first offering from new Drama Club advisors and directors Cody Greene and Logan Graham. Greene and Graham are both ACS Alumni from the early 21st century.

Greene states, "It's been exciting to jump into this together. Working with these kids has been a wonderful experience." Graham adds that they had "big shoes to fill" following the retirement of 13 year veteran directors Seth Grant, Shelly Grant, and Jessica Wieszczyk.

Directors on stage
Director Cody Greene and Co-Director Logan Graham

The play opens on two newlywed lovebirds, Charlie and Cheri Leach, played by seniors Will Kent and Emily Schweigart. It becomes quickly apparent that the groom might not be entirely the gentleman he portrays himself to be as the newlyweds hide out in a dilapidated playhouse to avoid the wrath of Tony Tenor, whose mustache is very believable, and his goons. Behind the scenes Senior co-crew chiefs Kori Karlin and Morgan Satterlee keep things running smoothly as more characters join in the fray.

Actors on stage
Seniors Emily Schweigart (Cheri Leach) and Will Kent (Charlie Leach)

In order to further Charlie's "investment" scheme the Leach's must put on a play in their newly acquired run-down playhouse. Luckily the bride knows just the folks to do it. Her cousin Isabella de Starr, played by Naudia Pierson, and her band of actors arrive to put on a performance of Frankenstein. The performance takes a few liberties with the original text, but you'll hardly notice.

2 Female actors on stage
Not Seniors Destiny Workman (Deborahh) and Makaila Brewster (Connie)

I wouldn't want to ruin the ending for you, but it does involve a mad scientist and a fair amount of scheming. There are accents galore, clever costumes, jokes, and farce a-plenty. The student cast put in months of hard work memorizing lines and creating their characters.

If you would like to come out to support your local ACS dramatic young persons tickets are available in advance for $5 or can be purchased at the door for $7. There is rumor of a bake sale as well if you find yourself feeling snackish at the theatre. You can also check out the newly installed auditorium floor which is a totally not controversial light pine color. Everyone loves it.*

*I have no idea how anyone actually feels about it.

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