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Summer Soccer

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

School isn't yet out, but summer sports groups are getting organized. In Andover, Summer Soccer has long been the sport of choice for town youths. With the right amount of conditioning training kids and teens will have no energy left over for shenanigans and/or tom foolery. This year SOAR by Accord Corp. has taken over the duty of organizing the summer soccer league.

The SOAR Soccer program will be for ages pre-k to 17 and runs from July 12 to August 12th according to their Facebook postings. Andover Central School Students and Whitesville children are invited to participate. It is unclear if home schooled students will be able to participate as they have been in past years.

SOAR is also looking for volunteers and coaches for the teams, which sounds like an awful lot of fun and I'm sure tons of folks have signed up. Volunteers do need to be approved by the board on June 7th so you should volunteer today before you have too much time to think it through. If you're interested in volunteering you can email or

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