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2nd Street Bridge Fruitastrophe

Monday morning in Andover came with the realization that sometime over the weekend an alleged watermelon had made quite the splash in the creek bed under the 2nd Street Bridge. The melon was approximately 15ft from the west side of the bridge. The "splash zone" is approximately 6ft in diameter with the spread being fairly centralized on an island of rocks in the center of the creek.

Whether the melon in question made its way over the bridge railing unaided or was tossed has not been determined. It is possible that the watermelon may also have been placed in the creek bed and then smashed. Forensic evidence is inconclusive at this time.

The melon appears to have been store bought as opposed to locally grown per the sticker visible in these photos. You can also see a nice yellow spot which implies that it was ripe at the time of its demise. If you have any information pertaining to the watermelon situation please let us know.

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