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Allegany County Historic Center and Museum Now Open

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The Allegany County museum which shares space with the Andover Historic Society on East Greenwood Street in the village is now open again to visitors. Hours for both are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 10-3.

Present displays in the Andover Historic Society area include an Andover China collection, veterans collection, and a collection of Andover Central School yearbooks, photos, and memorabilia. If you're dying to revisit your senior picture hairdo the staff will be happy to help. The attendant also mentioned an upcoming reading area for books written by Andover residents and other collected books.

On the Allegany County side of things there are plenty of Andover related items including maps. Their present front display is celebrating the county's dairy industry. There is also an extensive display of native American arrowheads from the area.

Museum attendants said they're always looking for more volunteers to help with displays and community outreach. The Andover Museum is also taking donations of Andover related photos, documents, and artifacts.

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