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Andover Chamber Holds Local Business Soiree

The newly rejuvenated Andover Chamber of Commerce held their first Business Open House at Kent Beer Company on Thursday evening. The weather was not entirely cooperative with fog and rain, which may have dissuaded some folks from making the trek to the hill top. However the event was well attended with 29 local folks in attendance. Kent's had beer on tap and sodas available as well as some snacks by locally famous former Andover resident Chelsea of Chelsea's Catering. Door prizes included free drinks, a gift certificate and a Kent's t-shirt. The cost of entry was simply listening to President Erica Clark wax poetic about the goals of the Chamber of Commerce. Party host, Nick Davis also took some time to make some statements thanking folks for coming and encouraging chit-chattery and good times, I believe he called it "networking."

With snacks, drinks, and good company it was really an excellent after work event for local business folks or just folks in general. Nick provided name tags which was hugely essential for all the unknown faces in the crowd. Host, Nick Davis, was really pleased with the turn out "It would have been great to get 30 people, but 29 is pretty good. Maybe next time." If you'd like to help Nick make his dreams come true then you can come next time and bring a friend! Future Business Night Out's will be held at different local businesses to showcase different venues and businesses in town. You can find information about future events on their Facebook page.

It should be noted that Emily's hair did also look amazing at this event and it's fair to say that it likely will at all future events. © AndoverExclusive 2022

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