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Andover Dads Voted #1 in the Nation According to Mugs

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Based on the plethora of #1 Dad (and grandpa) mugs, tshirts, cards, and keychains recieved by Andover area fathers today it is clear that we've got some winners* on our hands here in Andover.

Father's across the village took the 2021 #1 Dad awards in stride with one local dad stating, "Yeah I was #1 last year too. Pretty sure I will be next year." Clearly there is a track record of excellence locally.

One Andover father of 2 recieved only a Super Dad t-shirt to which he responded "I see how it is." His kids state that they believe their dad has the potential to be #1 and recommended stepping up his game for next year.

Area mothers who had nothing to do with rigging the #1 Dad vote offered their congratulations and suggestions to "stay humble" now that they've risen to the top.


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