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Andover Farmer's Market Coming to Fruition

Rumors have abounded about a farmers market coming to Andover this summer. There has been a lot of support online for the idea and it's coming to fruition after a fairly short amount of time.

Excitement about the new venture is building following the creation of the Facebook page yesterday and today's press release. One resident on the street when asked if they were excited about the new Farmer's Market commented "Yeah, I mean I like food." We can only assume that initial excitement will continue to grow and may include exclamation points in the future.

The farmers market is still looking for vendors so if you grow veggies or make cool crafts you can apply through the online form. You can also send them pictures of your amazing peaches, eggplants or macramé on their Facebook page via messenger or email. They didn't actually encourage that, but I don't see any reason you couldn't.

Andover Exclusive is so fancy it's now on the press release mailing list. Below is the press release sent by the very involved Mandi Joyce-Phelps.

farmers market logo
Check out this sweet new logo

It is with great excitement that we announce your local resource for homegrown and handmade goods: the Andover Farmers’ Market. The market will run each Thursday evening during the months of (late) June through October from the front lawn/parking lot of the Andover Central School.

It is the goal of our market to provide a FREE opportunity for our local vendors to connect with our local consumers for the sale of fresh produce and homemade/handmade goods. With the help of Mr. Owen’s ACS students, we will be adding picnic tables and inviting locally owned food trucks to participate. This will be a positive place of commerce and community gathering.

To that point, the Andover Farmers’ Market is currently seeking vendors. Applications and market rules can be requested by completing the following form:

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. A special thanks to the valuable advice of those who assisted in the planning of this worthy project and to ACS for the perfect venue, unwavering support and ongoing collaboration to provide such a great opportunity for local farmers and community members.

Please feel to reach out to us at any time at Mandi Joyce-Phelps and Jen Joyce

© AndoverExclusive 2022

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