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Blessed Sacrament Church Clothing Drop-Off Shed is Here!

Blessed Sacrament Church on Elm Street in Andover (aka the Catholics) are partnering with St. Pauly Textile Inc. to place a used clothing drop-off shed on the church grounds.

Clothing gathered from these drop-off sheds is collected and distributed worldwide to those in need. St. Pauly Textile Inc is a western NY based and family owned business with a mission to distribute usable clothing to people and organizations within and outside of the US. This mission also serves as a way for local churches and organizations where the sheds are placed to raise funds for local projects. The clothing drop-off shed will be maintained and emptied regularly by St. Pauly so it will remain clean and attractive.

The change of seasons is upon us and this is a great time to sort through your closet and slim down your wardrobe. You really haven't worn that sweater your aunt got you 5 years ago and she's forgotten about it by now. The drop-off shed won't tell her. Those jeans that always ride up? Donate them. Life is too short to hold on to clothes you don't like or that don't fit. Below is a list of things that you should drop off and things they prefer you didn't.

What to drop off:







Stuffed Animals

What NOT to drop off:





Household items


Rags or fabric scraps

There is also the Baptist Clothing Closet on Main Street for your clothing donations. You can drop off clean wearable clothing and shoes on the font bench or contact one of the volunteers.

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