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Blessed Sacrament Church Wows Parishioners

The Blessed Sacrament Church on Elm Street in Andover has finally installed new carpet. The previous carpet was a deep red, if memory serves, and had been well maintained for many years. In a shocking turn of events the new carpet selected is a variegated grey with hints of green.

The carpet installation was delayed after several plans fell apart due to the pandemic. The new carpet has been in residence for several weeks now and one parishioner speculated that the crayfish in the vicinity we reported on a couple weeks ago may have been stopping by to admire it. The crayfish in question could not be reached for comment.

Overall parishioners are pleased with the results, but when asked for comment were more interested in discussing the flooding around town. The public is welcome to stop in any Sunday between 9am - 10am to check out the new carpet and stay for mass if they're so inclined.

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