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Breaking News at Andover Central School

An anonymous tip came in to Andover Exclusive just after noon today of a buzz of activity occurring on the Andover Central School grounds. Following a lengthy investigation of several minutes it was discovered that the buzz was a very serious matter indeed.

A swarm of bees was spotted checking out the front of the school building, which is a very attractive building so who can blame them. Normally bees swarm in late spring or summer so these particular bees must just be in need of a bit of education. While ACS prides itself on providing a quality education it appears that they did not feel they were the right institution for the job.

Our reporter states that a bee box has been placed to capture and relocate the bees to a more safe location. He stated "I think the bees are mostly in the box now so they're probably just waiting on stragglers."

A passerby reported there was "quite the hubbub" at round 11:30, but they decided to steer clear of the area as bees are, in fact, bees. Bees are normally nonthreatening when swarming as it is a natural part of reproduction (which probably shouldn't happen on school property), but it's always best to avoid them unless you're a trained or

professional bee wrangler.

It turns out bees are really hard to get photos of while they're flying, but we did our best to get up close photos of this breaking news situation. No photographers were injured in the taking of these photos.

Interim Superintendent Kathryn Slavinski declined to give an official statement on the bees in general, but did state that "we are working diligently to find them a new home."

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