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Free Digital Safety Class in Andover

This Saturday (8/28/2021) at noon at the Andover Village Office you can join local computer wizard Mike Stone for a free class. The class is a self defense course of sorts titled Protect Your Digital Self. The class will be held in the upstairs space, formerly the Methodist sanctuary.

What can you learn at this cutting edge digital self defense class? This hour long course will include general computer and online security measures that you can take to protect your identity and your accounts. It will also include how to avoid online scams. Turns out not all scams are as easy to spot as the email telling you've inherited a bajillion dollars from some foreign lands. The class will also cover how to protect your devices from viruses and ransomeware and what to do if they do become infected. The answer is of course DON'T PANIC! but there is a little more to it and Mike will tell you all about it.

The instructor Mike assures me that all of the topics will be covered at a ground level that is appropriate for technology users of all levels. This is perfect for an older family member who isn't very tech savvy or a young teen who is just starting to set up their own online accounts. It's also great for everyone in between who want's to be sure that the measures they're taking to protect themselves online are sufficient. If your password is Password123 then this class is definitely for you.

If you haven't met the instructor Mike Stone around town he has 25 years of IT experience, with 10 of those years specializing in digital security. He is the network administrator over at Alfred University so he knows a thing or two about working with a broad group of people with varying skill levels. Mike has recently founded a company called RCS Andover which provides reliable computer solutions (hence the RCS) to Andover businesses and local residents.

Mike is a fresh Andover resident with only 2 years of Andover living under his belt. He's originally from California, but we'll forgive him for that as he made the right call in making WNY his home. Mike is an avid horror film buff with his own horror movie review channel with 2.5K subscribers. He's watched every Amityville Horror movie ever made and he's very proud of that as he did tell me twice. Feel free to quiz Mike on his horror movie knowledge in addition to his online safety tips.

Why yes, I did just take a screen capture from one of his YouTube videos because I forgot to take a picture of him in person. He does have shorter hair these days.

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