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Geocaching in Andover: It's apparently a thing

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

What is Geocaching? Until this very afternoon I had no clue what it was and that this exciting modern trend could be done in Andover. Local geocaching enthusiast Nick Davis has assured us that he did not make this up and it is, in fact, totally a thing.

Have you ever wanted to wander the lush hills and valleys of Andover looking for a secret treasure? Turns out you can! Using a geocaching app on your smart phone you can follow the clues to find a hidden "cache" of treasure. Geocaching combines the healthy and fun aspects of hiking with a real world treasure hunt. You just download an app and then get started on your adventure.

Where might geocaching take you in Andover? Well Nick can't tell us because then that might ruin the mystery, but this picture of his kids at a cemetery is highly "sus" as the young folks say. For some good geocaching tips and etiquette you can check out or just bug Nick on Facebook or Instagram. Not Friends? You can find him on his business page Genesee Valley Media.

Sunscreen and bug repellent are recommended. And also a friendly reminder to check yourself, your kids, and your pets for ticks when you get home. This article is not a guarantee that your kids won't whine the whole time.

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