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Irish Road Bowling Classic is Back

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

What is Irish road bowling you might ask? Well, it looks like it is a highly technical sport that involves repeatedly hurling a 28oz steel cannonball or bowl down a hill. Whichever team gets their bowl through the course in the least amount of throws wins.

Official 2021 Road Bowling Flyer
Official 2021 Road Bowling Flyer

After a brief hiatus the Irish Road Bowling Classic is back in Andover for it's 8th year. The event is hosted by the Allegany County AOH Division 1. The event begins this coming Saturday 6/12 at 8am with peak bowling time from 11am-3pm. The registration tent will be located near the intersection of Trapping Brook and Independence Road with the bowling course running down Kilbane Rd. There are 5 competition classes: Womens, Mens, Mixed Pairs, Under 16, and Over 60. Start times will be staggered to promote social distance and the safety of your ankles and shins. The course is 1.25 miles so prepare yourself accordingly.

Registration is $30 for a team of 2 with a $20 deposit for the ball. All course fees must be paid in cash with proceeds going to local WNY charities and student organizations. Spectating is free, and at your own risk. This event is BYOB and refreshments will be available for donation. For a full list of rules and strong suggestions check out the 8th Annual Irish Road Bowling Classic Event Page on Facebook.

List of Road Bowling Rules
List of Road Bowling Rules

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