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Kent Beer hosts Comedy Show

Andover residents and out-of-towners alike gathered last night at Kent's to laugh and make merry in what has been described as "not ideal" weather. The Laughing Stock comedy show is the first documented comedy show hosted in the town of Andover in my memory. We are not counting those guys from the late 90's who did Tom Green impressions all over town.

The Laughing Stock comedy show was hosted by world renowned comedian Steve Wrigley known for his excellent taste and good decisions since he did marry someone from Andover. The show featured comedians Vinnie Paulino, Malcolm Whitfield, Sara Shipley and Justin Brown.

One spectator stated, "The comics were awesome. Everyone who performed was good." Another attendee agreed, but when pressed for which comic was funniest said there was "a really tall hippy, like 6'8 with long ass hair, with stoner jokes. He was damn funny."

Comedy aside, Kent Beer Company served up a variety of beverages described both as "beer" and "good." We're told they serve said "good beers" regularly Thursdays to Saturdays, but you will need to tell your own jokes for the foreseeable future.

All 2 people interviewed for this article agreed that while the cold wet weather wasn't awesome the show was well worth coming out for. We can only assume that means everyone had a great time and is looking forward to future events.

Steve Wrigley also has a show in Rochester at Comedy at the Carlson on July 21st at 7PM if you missed this show.

Video and photos courtesy of Amanda Taylor

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