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Kent's is Christmas Ready

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Andover's premeire Christmas tree farm, Kent Farms on Jones Road, is opening for the season the Friday after Thanksgiving for all your holiday pine needs. They've got small trees, big trees, fat trees, and thin trees. All the fanciest trees you could possibly need are available. They've got the regular old trees too.

Fancy a walk in the woods? You can go cut one down yourself. Drag the whole family out into the Allegany County tundra to fell your very own tree by hand in the name of holiday memories. Show off your hand sawing skillz!

One local dad swears by this stating, "Oh yeah, you definitely have to cut down your own tree. The kids love it and my wife definitely doesn't hate it as much as she used to. "

His wife declined to comment.

Cutting down trees isn't that fun though honestly, but you do you. You can however just pick a tree off the lot. The Kent guys and gals will drill them for your tree stand and truss them up for the trip home on top of your family car.

If you're just not into bringing the outdoors inside this year or just want to be a bit "extra," as the young folks say, you can get custom wreaths for your front door. Hand crafted by local holiday elves these wreaths range from simple elegance to stunning Christmas splendor. Your neighbors will be super jealous of your Christmas swag with one of these babies on your front door.

If anyone asks this is the wreath on my wish list

Kent's will be open 10-5pm Friday 11/24. A little bird told me that the larger trees will be in short supply this year. So if you want a biggun' you'd best shop early this year.

Andover Exclusive 2023

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