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Local Entrepreneur Doubles Efforts

Andover residents may have noticed the new addition to the Main Street vending machine scene. Owner and proprietor Jude Wahl II has used some outside the box thinking to solve a village problem many residents weren't even aware of.

Jude's vending machine picture
Inside a box, outside. #OutsideTheBoxThinking

Jude came up with the idea a couple years ago when he and some friends realized there wasn't really anywhere to get a soda after 10pm when the gas stations in town close. The local entrepreneur stated "After 10pm if you get hungry or thirsty you gotta drive to Wellsville or Alfred." Well no more!

The drink machine that has been around for a while now near the corner of North Main St and Elm St. has now been joined by a secondary machine which offers additional drinks and snacks. The new machine features classic vending machine favorites like honey buns, pop-tarts, and chips with some added unique finds like peeps and ramen noodle cups.

Jude says business is good and he's looking to expand his vending machine operation. He's got 11 vending machines that he's hoping to place around Allegany and Steuben county's. When asked where his entrepreneurial inspiration comes from he says "When I was little my dad owned a vending company and I always enjoyed working with my dad. I have wanted to start my own vending company since dad sold the company back in 2012."

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