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Local Hooligans Make the Most of Snow Day

Making mischief on snow days is a time honored tradition here in Andover. Whether that be running across the ponds barefoot like some numbskulls, (allegedly) named Steve and Mike, to "freak people out" or sledding down hills on baking trays the youths of Andover always find a way to make merry. There have even been tales of 4 wheeling on the ponds on extra cold years.* With the 10 inches of snowfall, well over a "foot" according to some of the menfolk in town who can surely be trusted with these kinds of measurements, there is no shortage of fun to be had here in Andover today. Some folks are participating in the standard snow activities of snowman building, snowmobiling, and sledding. However, a couple of Andover's mischief makers were spotted around town celebrating the snow and their freedom by snowboarding water-ski style behind a UTV while waving an American flag.

Snow surfing
Enjoying the winter wonderland that is Church Street in Andover

The hooligans, that shall remain nameless for their own protection, were doing loops around the downtown area. One of the snow surfer's wives was present to both ensure safety and watch out for the fuzz. She reported that this is typical for the shenanigans that her spouse is roped into by his cousin. The snow surfers' official statement to Andover Exclusive was "Look...don't get us in trouble." No injuries were reported.

*Andover Exclusive does not suggest or endorse any of these activities. You should definitely consult your most irresponsible uncle or cousin for suggested snow day activities. © AndoverExclusive 2022

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1 Comment

Jan 17, 2022

Great edition of the "Exclusive"! It's nice to know some time honored winter shennanigans still happen in my hometown. I imagine 150 years ago there were those doing the same thing behind a horse on these very same streets!

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