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Local Woman Celebrates Birthday

Jeannie Todd, nee Walker, of Andover is celebrating her 27th* birthday with much fanfare. She'll be celebrating primarily with a lemon cake and dinner with her parents, husband, children, and other family members.

Jeannie with the aforementioned husband and children

Jeannie was voted most dramatic (previously mistakenas most fashionable**) in the class of 2002, which is when her sense of style peaked. She is best known for working at Walker Metalsmiths and writing pointless news stories, or that one time she broke both her arms when her twins were 3 months old (bonehead move honestly). Yes, she is Maggie's older sister and Stephen, Willie, and Donald's too. Who knew they had a big sister? Crazy right?

Jeannie and an unnamed associate at peak 2002 "Most Fashionable"

When asked what she was hoping to receive for her birthday gift Jeannie stated "I'm hoping my husband got the hint about the wireless earbuds."

Jeannie with a mustacioed Dad type person (this is the best baby photo known to man)

Her birthday is shared with Kylee Grant, Lydia Grant and also Alyssa Potter. This does make October 22nd the best day on which to be born. Those of you hoping to create greatness for the next generation should consider romance in mid to late January.

* Correction this would be her 37th Birthday

** Potentially not factual, allegedly

Disclaimer: Yes I did write an article about my own birthday in the 3rd person. It's cool I can write an article about your birthday too, but no one has asked yet.

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