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Mysterious Orb Temporarily Appears in the Sky over Andover

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Today mid-morning several people in Andover began to notice the presence of a mysterious glowing orb positioned over Andover. This orb not seen for at least the last several days is the topic of much conversation in the downtown area.

An elder townsman when asked what this orb was stated, " It's the sun...are you serious? Did you just ask me that?" It should be noted that the elder townsman also took offense to being referred to as elder and would like to assert that he's barely eligible for a senior discount. Ok boomer, as the young folks say.

It seems that this orb, or "sun" as the Elder™ calls it, occasionally interrupts the rain and hovers over Andover to impart it's warmth. We've been informed that you should not look directly at it or it may become offended and not return. Other's speculate that it is an alien spaceship although no attempts at contact have been made.

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