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Nacho Mamma's Taco at Kent Beer Company (a review)

It is hard to beat the view from Kent Beer Company on a Saturday afternoon. This Saturday they were serving up their usual brews with an extra side of sass as they had a pair of the Grant ladies serving. It's a scientifically proven fact* that Kent beer tastes better when poured by Kylie or Danielle.

Kylie and Danielle serving up smiles and beverages

In addition to the celebrity bartenders Nacho Mamma's Taco truck had made the trip over from Wellsville to serve up a few of their signature dishes. Contrary to their name they did not actually have tacos on the menu at the time, but they did have Nachos and a mamma making said nachos. They had a full menu including burgers, sausages, fries, and churros. The service was friendly and fast and the food came with a side of friendly conversation.

The chili cheese nachos and Italian sausage paired nicely with a raspberry blonde ale, by which I mean I had them at the same time and enjoyed them. My dining companions had a bacon cheese burger paired with a Tasty Brown and Nachos and fries paired with a cider. The meal was completed with a round of churros.

Anonymous guest reviewer sampling churros

Overall the combination of Kent Beer and Nacho Mamma's Taco's non-taco menu was an excellent one. The beers were cold and as one guest stated "These aren't chuggin' beers. Don't rush me." The food was good and came in generous portions. The overall ambiance and view was majestic on the sunny summer afternoon. The Kent Beer mascot shitzu Zoey was in attendance and did allow a photo, but declined an autograph. I would highly recommend stopping up next time the Taco truck is in town.

Zoey, Celebrity Mascot and also Dog

*this is not an actual scientifically proven fact, but it's not disproven either so...

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