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New and Old Andover Superstitions for Friday the 13th

It's a sunny, beautiful, and peaceful (so far) Friday May 13th here in Andover, NY. Historically Friday the 13th is fraught with superstitions about bad luck and what to do to avoid it. Many of those things are typical run of the mill superstitions like not opening umbrellas indoors, avoiding crossing paths with black cats etc. Which got us to thinking about Andover specific superstitions.

Not walking on the lawn in front of Andover Central School is a bit of a superstition for a certain generation. Whether that's just a habit, to dodge bad luck or to avoid the wrath of the spirit of Mr. Kessler is unclear. The present administration doesn't appear to have a strong opinion about folks walking on the grass and yet leaving the pavement still feels a bit risky.

ACS Lawn
To walk on the grass or not to walk on the grass?

We all know about walking past the Brick late at night is a bad call. Even if you don't believe in bad luck or spirits it's not really worth the risk when you can just choose a different route. At least cross to the Sacketts side of the street if you must go down West Greenwood Street after dark. There are are also other areas in town I've heard tell are bad luck to bother like the grounds of the old silk mill.

The Brick
The Brick = Very Spooky

Andover baseball and softball players alike know to jump up to slap the dugout for good luck on their way out or touch the top of the fence post at The Grove. Of course that will all be for nothing if you don't wear your lucky purple socks.

Since Andover didn't have enough locally grown superstitions, Steve Walker installed a new door at his shop yesterday with a "wishing stone" for good luck, which is an Iona bloodstone from Scotland. When asked if it was legit he said "Oh yeah! The first couple of people just automatically reached up to touch it the first time they passed through the door. Then Kristy, one of the salespeople, did the same thing the next morning. I can personally affirm that there is a natural and spontaneous energy happening here."

Walker Metalsmiths door
The aforementioned Kristy touching the lucky rock

It goes to show you that you can make up...I mean superstitions to increase your luck just about any day here in Andover.

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1 Comment

Robert Smith
Robert Smith
May 14, 2022

Regarding the superstition article, I can attest to Mr. Kesslers oversight on the grass as I received his wrath on one, AND ONLY ONE occasion. Speaking in the past to my fellow classmates of #65 I was not the only one. I lived at 35 Rochambeau Ave and used to listen to the mill running late at night. Edna Baker worked there and I would go in there on occasion with Cheryl and possibly Charlene. It was a busy place, but I never saw any ghosts. As far as the brick, I recall people living in it, yes it was always intriguing. Now for the scary part, when they widened the road or dug up part of the sidewalk between…

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