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New Three Way in Town

The now one-lane Main Street bridge has a new traffic pattern this morning. In order to create a safer intersection the town (they own the bridge) with the assistance of the village and Certified Safety Products of New York have installed some new signage. This new signage further clarifies the new bridge rules.

Rochambeau Ave has long had a stop sign with it's intersection with North Main Street, but now there are stop signs on both the northbound and southbound lanes of North Main Street before the bridge. Check out the new and exciting premium signage created RIGHT HERE IN ANDOVER, by Certified Safety Products of New York.

Three way stops are very similar to 4 way stops in that all vehicles must come to a complete stop. The first car to their respective stop sign has the right of way, but what happens when you and 2 of your neighbors arrive at the stop sign at the same time as you do? Absolute pandemonium. OR you can follow the rules of the road which are outlined by the fun diagram below.

traffic picture
Yes, I made this in MS Paint. No, I will not accept any criticism on my art skillz

A local traffic expert (Rumfelt) was consulted as it was unclear how the one way bridge would play into this traffic pattern. Per the above diagram Car 1 (blueish) would have the right of way as it is in the southbound lane that is open on the bridge and is going straight, followed by Car 2 (purple) whether it is going straight or turning left. Car 3 (green) coming from Rochambeau Ave would then go last whether it is going left, right, or to Water Street and I would not recommend going straight as there is a house there.

The odds of 3 cars meeting at this intersection at the exact same time are somewhat low, but it's likely to happen during rush hours at least a couple times a day. Surely we'll all have it figured and and it'll be running smoothly in no time. Also keep an eye out for pedestrians since you should be doing that anyway and a lot of foot traffic use this bridge as well.

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