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Return of Community Yard Sales

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Last year many iconic Andover events had to be cancelled due to the pandemic and the annual community yard sales were no different. Andover residents were forced to keep their gently used unwanted household goods against their will.

Luckily 2021 brings the return of the Andover Community Yards Sales. This year it's bigger and better than ever. Everyone still has all the stuff from last year and now EVEN. MORE. STUFF. A whole year's worth actually. Part of the "best ever" yard sale plan includes the yard sale having it's very own Facebook event's page hosted by Mandi Joyce-Phelps.

This year's community yard sale days will be held Memorial Day weekend Friday May 28th through Sunday May 30th. You can check out the event page on Facebook to post when and where your yard sale will be or to see which sales you want to check out. You can hold your yard sale on any or all of these days. You can post some preview pictures to drum up interest in your sale or not. You do you. If anyone has any news of a Memorial Day chicken BBQ fundraiser or Lemonade stand one would assume those posts would be welcome also.

Many residents of Andover are looking forward to not only selling their own quality lightly used household items, but also replacing them with your much cooler lightly used quality stuff.

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1 Comment

James M Rumfelt
James M Rumfelt
May 27, 2021

Love the articles. Glad you are doing this.

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