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Snowshoe Trail Open at Kent Beer Company

For those who classify themselves as "outdoors" people winter in Andover can present some challenges. If you're not into downhill skiing, snowmobiling or ice fishing there might not appear to be a lot to do outside around these parts in the winter months. Kent Beer Company lead by Ed Kent is trying to change that for you by adding a new snowshoe and cross-country ski trail to your microbrew experience. Now you have one more excuse to go get a pint with your pals, not that you needed one.

beer in the snow
Beer in the Snow, by Ed Kent

Last year Ed tested out a snowshoe and cross-country skiing trail a couple of weekends, and it was a hit. There were a few bugs to work out with the trail, like rerouting the trail to avoid ATV's crossing and messing up the snow and making the trail a bit longer. This year's new and improved trail debuted this Sunday at noon to rave reviews. Nick Davis of Genesee Valley Media was kind enough to go try out the trail for us, and he had a great time. "If you love the outdoors, I would highly recommend bringing your snowshoes or borrowing some, coming up to Kents for an hour or so, and checking this out. It's great that they have this up here so close to home. 10/10!" The trail is marked with green arrows and begins at the corner of the Kent Beer Company parking lot. Stop in at the tap room to sign a waiver, and you're all set to start hoofing it. There is no charge to use the mile and a half long trail, and it's open any time the tap room is open provided there is enough snow on the ground. At this time you do have to bring your own snowshoes or cross-country skis. Ed is looking into getting some loaners if the trail proves to be popular.

The trail is family friendly and fun for all ages with mostly flat or low incline terrain. If your shorter-legged kiddos aren't into the long walk you could even pull them in a sled. They might still whine but maybe not. The trail winds between some of the locally famous Kent's pines and across a hay field where you can see the Andover Valley for miles. It's truly majestic and worth the trek just for the view if you're into that kind of thing. Hiking is not presently allowed/recommended on the trail as it would muck up the snow, but Ed is looking into having hiking and possibly biking in the spring. Another snowshoer, Dawn, who began snowshoeing last year stated, "I love the hill up here and the trees, and I love heading in for a beer afterwards. We just love it up here."

Outdoors people
Outdoorspersons doing outdoors stuff

If you're not an outdoor enthusiast, but more of an indoor enthusiast like myself, and happen to get roped into an outing to go snowshoeing you can hang out in the lodge or on the porch with the heaters and enjoy a soda or a pint while your friends do a lap or three on the mile and a half trail. You can still take a selfie with your pompom hat in front of the snow-covered hills. You can still 100% say you went snowshoeing this weekend if you were there for moral support.

Nick did a Facebook story over on his Genesee Valley Media page about his experience which will be up for the next 24 hours. © AndoverExclusive 2022 Pictures courtesy of Genesee Valley Media

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