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Summer Officially Over: School Supply Lists Have Been Published

Andover Central School has published the 2021-2022 school year supply lists for both high school and Elementary students. The supply lists can be found on the school website as well as the school's Facebook Page or right here!

The supply list includes such favorites as pencils, binders, Crayola Crayons, ziplock bags and SO MUCH MORE! Andover parents are already coordinating shopping strategies by sharing local sales. One mom states, "I shop all summer for school supplies. I'm not paying a penny more than 18 cents for a pocket folder."

Kindergarten and Pre-K parents can kick back and save their budget for school shoes as these grades have had all of their supplies donated . The Andover Lions Club will be supplying the Kindergarten class supplies for the 4th year and Certified Safety Products of New York, Inc. has sponsored the Pre-K class for the first year.

When we reached out for comment a CSPNY representative stated "We were inspired by the Lion's Club. During the pandemic some of the items on school supply lists were difficult to find. Since CSPNY is a safety company those items are more accessible to us. We strive to help our community in any way we can. We hope that our donation helps to alleviate the stressors of a new school year for the Pre-K families."

There are 6 elementary grades, 3 Elementary 12:1:1 Classrooms, and 21 individual high school classes available for sponsorship and we've heard that all the best ones are getting snapped up. Mrs. Kent's class is already sponsored by a mystery donor so you've missed that opportunity.

One local business owner stated "Pre-K and Kindergarten are obviously top tier for sponsorship because buying crayons seems like more fun than 3 ring binders. If I had to guess the next class to be snapped up will be Mrs. Jacobs Studio Art class because that is honestly the shortest list."

Businesses, charities, or individuals can contact Principle, Mr. Morris at (607) 478-8491 or email to arrange supply donations. If you can't support a whole classroom any amount of school supplies are welcome. I can't imagine they'd turn down notebooks or pencils.

2018 Donation of School Supplies to Ms. Burrow's Kindergarten Class

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