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Traffic in Town

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Despite the rainy weather folks have come out in force to shop the annual community yard sales. Villagers and out-of-towners alike are eager to find hot deals on gently used clothing and household goods. I've even heard rumors of a bake sale over in the vicinity of North Main Street to support a local go-kart racer (now sold out). Stephen Walker has also confirmed that the Baptist Church ladies are selling hot dogs and have some "beautiful pies."

Traffic in the village has spiked to metropolitan levels and turns out not everyone got the memo about neighborly driving. I witnessed a honking on E Greenwood Street around the intersection with Church Street. The last time I witnessed a honking in the village previous to this morning was someone making sure that their friend saw them waving.

I know all the locals are aware due to signage at every entrance into the village, but please do share with our uniformed visitors that the village speed limit is 25mph on all side streets, 30mph on Main Street, and 40mph on Rt 417 as it passes through the village. However, safe driving is encouraged and slower speeds may be needed in some high traffic areas today. It's also appreciated if you stop for pedestrians at the crosswalks or street corners and watch out for the kids out on bikes both today and every other day.

Stephen Walker pictured with his Baptist pie acquisition, a beauty shot of the inside of the pie (it was as tasty as it looked), and a photo of the traffic jam on E Greenwood Street.

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