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Trick or Treating Plans in Andover

Halloween is almost here! Trick or treating will take place in the Village on Sunday October 31st from 6pm-8pm.

Amazing photo, definitely in focus, of trick-or-treaters of yesteryear

Costumes are a key component to a successful Halloween eve for the youth of this fair town. Store bought costumes are the most popular choice and there is still time to run out and see what is left on the shelves. Store bought costumes have come a long way since back in the day. We know that the crafty pinterest parents of Andover have already created their custom homemade creations. They started planning this years costumes last November 1st and they are READY. For those of you whose costumes got delayed in the mail or you forgot it's October below are some great last minute costume ideas:

  1. Ghosts are still all the rage. Throw a sheet over your child and cut out some eye holes.

  2. Put an oversized flannel on the kid and some suspenders and now you've got a pint sized lumber jack. If you have enough flannel the whole family can join in. Flannel also works for a grunge rocker costume when paired with a band tee and some ripped jeans. Face paint stubble and a beanie works well for both costumes.

  3. A clear plastic trash bag full of multi colored balloons looks kind of like a gumball machine if you squint a little. It's also pretty crafty so you'll get some pinterest parent points on this one.

  4. A funny Hat. It's going to be cold and they'll be wearing a coat anyway. We can pretend there is a costume under the coat. They're getting candy regardless.

After the spooky costumes are sorted out the next most important choice is candy receptacle. There are several excellent choices including the now rare plastic shopping bag. More common modern choices are plastic pumpkins and re-usable shopping bags. However if your trick-or-treater is going for the gusto and wants max candy storage a pillow case has long been regarded as the most premium and spacious trick-or-treating accessory.

The most controversial part of Halloween in Andover is always planning out the trick-or-treating route. If you live in the village your starting point is pre-determined, but those coming from further out need to consider where to start. The commonly held best practice is to start at the school as there is off-street parking and occasionally there is some trunk-or-treating going on over there. You can go up Elm Street and snake your way through the side streets from North to South until you get over to Dyke St. before crossing Main street to hit 1st through 3rd street. Other routes are certainly possible and many families have traditional routes to follow regardless of efficiency.

Some folks may argue that going down Barney Street or across the Bridge to Rochambeau and Baker St. is not worth the trek but, we've heard some real positives about certain houses on those streets. If the weather holds it is certainly worth checking out which porch lights are on the less central streets.

There will of course always be a handful of parents who follow their kiddos around in cars or have the kids hop in and out of the car as they drive around town. Halloween is a night full of pedestrians, so if you choose to drive please do so cautiously. Trick-or-treaters tend to dart across streets without looking fueled by candy and spooky vibes. Also worth noting that putting something reflective on your little monster or ghoul is a pretty good idea as well.

If you don't have any trick-or-treaters to parade around town you have several choices to make. You can either turn on your light and pass out candy or turn off the light and do whatever it is those folks do with their all hollows eve. If passing out candy you can go either the traditional route of waiting for kids to knock and then acting surprised at their costumes or you can just put the bowl on the porch and go about your evening. Both options are excellent choices. There is no wrong way to hand out candy provided you're not handing out peanut butter kisses which are an abomination.*

Rounding out the evening you can also enjoy some of your favorite Halloween themed movies. Horror movies are great to get the little ones to sleep after a night of sugar and excitement. As Halloween is on a Sunday night this year staying up late has the added benefit** of getting the kiddos ready to jump into the coming school week. Have fun everyone!

Coming Soon: Christmas decorating tips and tricks

*This is an opinion. If you like peanut butter kisses you're a rare human. Congratulations.

**Lets be honest this is a terrible idea

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