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Village Public Hearing on CDBG Grant

Tuesday Evening the village held a public hearing at 5:30pm to invite the public to ask questions about the proposed CDBG application. CDBG stands for Community Development Block Grant, which is way less fun to say than CDBG.

Catherine Rees from somewhere came to speak on the proposed grant application for $1.25 million in funds for a water infrastructure improvement project in the village. After a brief glossing over of the proposed grant the floor was opened for members of the public to ask questions. Her full statements were broadcast of Facebook Live and it's riveting.

All 3 members of the public, plus the Village Board of Directors asked some pretty good questions with the main takeaway being that this is a fully funded grant. So if the Village's grant application is approved there will be no matching funds required. This grant would be used for water infrastructure improvements needed in the village. This is mainly pipes and stuff from the sounds of things, but I couldn't really say since the summation of the project was pretty brief.

I would rate this meeting a 6/10. Mayor Dave Truax kept the hearing to 17 minutes. Attendance was pretty good and Jake from Affordable Auto even made an appearance. The Village Office was uncomfortably chilly. There were no visual aids, handouts or copies of the grant proposal handed out to the public, so we're just trusting Ms. Rees brief glossing over to be accurate. There was a brief overview taped to the Village Office door though so I've included a copy of that below. Overall it felt very much like a public hearing.

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