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Walker Metalsmiths Celebrates Groundhog Day in Andover

30 years ago on Groundhog Day Steve and Sue Walker closed on the building at 1 Main Street that would become Walker Metalsmiths. The year was 1992; you could still get Crystal Pepsi at the Trading Post or Sackett's, Christie Clarke was prom queen at ACS, Wayne's World was in theaters, and big hair was all the rage. Little did the Walker's know they'd be turning groundhogs day into a way of life.

dog in front of shop
Walker's present dog, Libby (who is a full doodlebrain), standing guard today 2/2/2022

Every day since that fateful groundhogs day many moons ago Steve keeps walking his dog(s) to work and making and selling Celtic jewelry over and over and over again. It's almost like the universe has trapped him in this cycle until he can find the true meaning of life. Those who know Steve know that he's not too broken up about the situation. It almost seems like he enjoys making Celtic stuff and talking about Celtic stuff, and talking about making Celtic stuff. He's even convinced 10 other people to come hang out with him at Walker Metalsmiths while he does all this Celtic stuff over and over and over again. It's wild.

The only real outward signs of time passing are that Steve's hair looks more like he might want to tell you that ancient aliens are responsible for wind turbine technology*, his dogs are progressively becoming more poodle than retriever, and he keeps making new Celtic jewelry designs. When Walker Metalsmiths first opened it's doors in 1992 they had around a dozen designs and did all of their sales through mail order. 30 years later and Walker's now has a storefront and a space-age website on the interwebs.

When asked if he's learned anything from this time-warp situation Steve states, "The secret of life is that there ain't no secret and you don't get your money's from a song." So clearly the answer is no, he's not done learning his lesson if he's quoting Faith Hill lyrics. It appears he's not taking this matter seriously at all and has no intention of breaking out of this groundhog day cycle.

text coversation
In case you doubted the accuracy of this quote

In other Groundhog day news, I was unable to locate the resident Elm Street Albino woodchuck to interview so I'm assuming they are a late riser or otherwise engaged this morning. The nationally appointed groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, indicated 6 more weeks of winter. I've heard he's unreliable and shifty, so I'm still getting out my culottes and flipflops. We all know Steve is already wearing his flipflops for the season.

*There is no proof that ancient aliens aren't responsible for wind turbine technology. I'm just saying Steve hasn't said that...yet.

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