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What's up with all these Surveys my dudes?

You may have noticed on the "book of faces" that there are a couple of local surveys going around. The two surveys, one issued by Andover Central School and the other by Andover Downtown Improvement Committee (A-DIC for short), are both working to assess the needs of the community to secure grant funding.

I made this infographic purely for this article and I'm very proud of it.

Andover Central School's 12-question Survey can be found here. There is no login required now as that issue has been fixed, so if you attempted it before and didn't want to login, well, now is your time to shine and get your voice heard. This survey is NOT just for parents of present students but for all community members.

The grant that ACS is preparing to apply for is to expand on and add to the community and student services already offered. Think about what you'd like to see available at the school and share those thoughts. I know it's way more fun to just share your thoughts with friends on Facebook, but imagine if those thoughts ended up being read and heard by people who have the power to actually do something about it. Wouldn't that just be the coolest? If you have family or friends who also want to be involved but aren't terminally online like the rest of us, please share the survey with them, and encourage them to fill it out as well. All Andover voices are needed here. Each and every submission will be read and reviewed by the school administration.

The Andover Downtown Improvement Committee is a new Village of Andover committee that was formed by volunteers in order to apply for the NY Forward Grant which is set to give millions of dollars to small towns in New York State for downtown Main Street improvements. This might include anything from public works projects like sidewalks and public park improvements to building improvements like re-siding the post office or public art projects. Literally anything that can be considered a downtown improvement counts.

adic logo
Check out this sweet logo I commissioned on the committee's behalf -Sydney Gallo slays at art

What do you think Andover needs to be better, cooler, and more rad? Think we need a community disco or maybe a public sculpture of our illustrious Mayor Truax on the corner? Let the Andover Downtown Improvement Committee know by filling out this survey right HERE. Not into filling out online surveys because Big Brother might read your mind? That's ok! You can fill out a paper copy at the ACS Open House on Wednesday (tomorrow 8/31) at 6pm. Just stop by and see Mandi Joyce-Phelps, and she'll be happy to get you a copy. The committee is also holding a public information-and-idea sharing session at 7pm on Thursday 8/1/2022 at the Village Office, and everyone is encouraged to attend to share your vision* for downtown improvements.

Not sure what Mandi looks like? Well this is her. Find her hanging out at the ACS Open House and Penny Arcade

The A-DIC committee is also looking for estimates on shovel-ready projects that local businesses or not-for-profits might have in the works that could qualify. If you own a building, business or property in the downtown Andover area and have something in mind, get in touch with Mandi, Samantha Gavin, or email it to me at and I'll be happy to pass it along.

Why surveys you might ask? Well Mandi Joyce-Phelps states "Survey’s are such an important part of the planning process because they provide us with a reliable way to get actual, real feedback from community members. Feedback that we can use now and in future grant proposals. They are a great way for community members to have a voice and a say in what they’d like to see happen in their community. They generally take only a few moments to respond too."

These grants are still in the application stage so Andover might not get these exact grants this time around, but they'll help Andover to be prepared for future grant applications as well as helping with locally funded initiatives. Check out the links below to submit your feedback, thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.


Andover Downtown Improvement Committee Survey: SURVEY LINK

*Vision not required. You can also just sit quietly and listen if that's your jam. All participation is good participation.

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