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What to do in Andover Today

After you're done mowing the lawn or watching Saturday morning cartoons it might be time to hit the town. There is so much to do in Andover, NY today (8/7/21). From the annual block party to ATV riding and antique shopping there is really something for everyone.

Businesses Open:

Hair it is: 9am-5pm

Jara Farms: 8am-5pm

Rockburgers: Noon-8pm

Shorts Deli: 7am-9pm

The Village Pub: Noon - at least 11pm

(Yes, I'm sure I missed some)

In addition to all the wonderful local businesses that are open their regular business hours there are many free activities like fishing down at the Andover Ponds or taking the kids to the ACS Playground. There are ample hiking trails and back yards to be playing ball in (I'd suggest your own or a friends). There is also the annual block party taking place on Main Street in the lot next to The Village Pub. There will be bands playing starting at 2pm with Off the Wagon, at 4pm Longshot, and Chet & Louie at 8pm.

Off the Wagon has several other shows lined up outside of Andover as well coming up including the Wellsville Country Club tonight at 7pm, August 21st at the American House and Hotel in Angelica and the Cuba Garlic Festival at 2pm to name a few. This band is headquartered in Andover and features Aaron Bridge, Kevin Bridge, BT Lion, Dan Green and Kier Dirlam.

Longshot is also primarily Andover based. They are lead by Gary Briggs, Lorinda Wood, Jeff bruster, Steve Sampson, Mark Brewer, and Frank Vaughn filling in for Drew Stonemetz. They'll also be playing at the Whitesville house Sept 5th from 1-5pm.

I don't have to explain Chet & Louie. They are in fact Chet and Louie and they play gigs all over the southern tier and have for several years. They will also be featuring a special guest, Dan Brown.

If you're not into joining in on the festivities this is also a prime opportunity to shake your fist or cane at reveling youth (and older folks) and their carefree ways and complain about the noise. If you've ever wanted to utter "Kids these days..." today may be your day!

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