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A Board of Education Meeting 10/18/2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

On the 18th day of October in the year of our lord 2021 a meeting of the Andover Central School Board of Education was convened in the auditorium of this most sacred educational institution. President Brian Perkins presided flanked by Vice President Patrick Howland at his left and Superintendent Dr. Derek Schuelein at his right.

As the participants gathered the weather was seasonally dreary with a mist of rain blanketing the village of Andover. The colors of autumn in the Allegany foothills were muted by the impending dusk as the meeting was called to order at 6pm. The assembled arose to pledge their allegiance to the flag. The Pledge of Allegiance, originally conceived by Captain George Thatcher Balch during the Civil War was largely written in 1895 by Francis Bellamy to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the "New World." The pledge was officially adopted by congress in 1942. However the pledge performed at this gathering spoke the words last updated in 1954 by congress with support from President Dwight D. Eisenhower to include "under God" following lobbying from religious organizations. *

The board members and esteemed administrators took their seats to carry out the somber duties of the evening. A collected audience of three civic-minded community members settled in for the agenda of the evening beginning with the Superintendent's report presented by Superintendent Schuelein. His report began with stating that the Covid-19 testing offered to staff and students that they had reported previously, on two separate occasions, would be starting will now actually be starting shortly. Dr. Schuelein sounded very definite this time. He discussed the fitness center opening to students outside of school hours as well as a new Director of Pupil Services position and closed with expressing his gratitude to Mr. Dougherty for his work on the district's safety plan.

I got tired of writing in that here is a photo of the board to separate things a bit

Following no comments from the assembled public, the board dialogue lead by Kevin Walker focused on clarifying the fitnesd center's availability to the public. It is not at present, but it will be open to students on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning this Thursday from 3-5pm.

The Board Action followed with 30 items of business. There was a notable shortage of Dougherty's mentioned throughout; only Sheryl, John, and Brandon. Several interns, substitutes, and student tutors as well as basketball coaches and co-coaches were appointed. Sarah Moline's resignation was accepted. A new position of Director of Pupil Services was created and subsequently filled by appointing Shelly Kordish. Not discussed during the meeting was what that position entails, why it is needed, if it is state mandated, and how it is budgeted or funded. Dr. Scheulein did mention during the superintendent's report that Ms. Kordish is very experienced and eminently qualified.

The District-wide school safety plan on which Mr. Dougherty was previously congratulated was approved for submission to the state. The final board action item before adjournment, an agreement with the Andover Teacher's Association in regards to substitute coverage, was also approved. As the agreement was not described or discussed it is assumed to be favorable to both parties. All 30 items of business were approved unanimously without discussion.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:17pm. The rain of the day had relented and the sky was alight with a sunset peaking around the clouds of the crisp fall evening.

The sky looked pretty cool. Way cooler in person. Go outside more.

The evening sky was a 10/10. The Meeting was 7.5/10. Supporting documents would have been appreciated, although the Safety plan is available with the online version of the meeting agenda. 17 minutes is an ideal length for a meeting. The auditorium was cozy even in the fall chill. Overall a very nice meeting.

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