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ACS School Year Begins Flawlessly*

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Today marked the first day of the 2021-2022 school year at Andover Central School. Facebook was bursting at the seams with pictures of first day outfits posted by proud parents, grandparents and loved ones. Some teachers even got in on the fun posting their first day looks. Having spent recent days preparing and decorating for the incoming students some teachers showed off pictures of their classroom preparations.

picture in front of sign
First Day pics are the best part of the day

The hallowed halls of ACS were brimming with new school year excitement as teachers, administrators, and support staff eagerly awaited the students' arrival. As the official opening time of 7:40 drew near the drop-off lane filled with eager parents ready to drop their kiddos off for another inspiring year of education. It wasn't an entirely smooth process with all the first day jitters, but surely it'll be moving like a well oiled machine after Labor day. School busses arrived loaded with students for their first day. Some students rode bikes or walked so that they can tell future generations that they trudged through the fog uphill both ways to school.

The young academics of Andover came to school loaded up with backpacks full of school supplies to start the year off fresh. For some grades no supplies were required. Pre-K had their supplies donated by Certified Safety Products of NY. Kindergarten was again sponsored by the Andover Lions Club and Walker Metalsmiths supplied sketch books for the high school art classes. A mystery alumni donor supplied the First Grade and another longtime donor supplied Mrs. Kent's English class. If you have any school supplies in any quantity that you'd like to donate call the school and they'll let you know what to do.

Maria and Jimmy from CTC dropped off supplies for the Pre-K. Jeannie dropped of the Kindergarten supplies from the Lions.

picture of sketch books
Sketchbooks from Walker Metalsmiths

The mysteries and magic of public education occurred for approximately 7 hours and then the fresh-faced youth of the village burst forth into the world once again. When asked about their first day one elementary student waxed poetic about the snacks available at the cafeteria and who they saw at school. Another elementary student stated "My teacher is really great. Like REALLY great. She knows so much stuff, even stuff dad doesn't know." That is obviously a LOT of knowledge.

The teen student population was a little more reserved in their reviews of the first day. When asked if they'd had a good first day most offered a shrug or a well practiced rolled eye. However one teen stated "Yeah, it was great." So there you have it! It was officially a great first day.

*Flawlessly is a subjective term and it is used here to imply that nothing caught fire (that we know of) and all children, educators, and staff survived the day (we're assuming).

Link to First Day letter from Superintendent Derek Schuelein

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