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Andover Little Free Library Now Open

Andover now has three (3) public libraries within the village including the ACS Library, the Andover Free Library and now the new Little Free Library. You may have noticed a what appears to be an oversized bird house near the playground at Andover Central School. It turns out that the structure is not for the village's overstock of birds, but for books.

The Little Free Library Exchange was built in partnership with Leadership Allegany and Mr. Owen's shop class. Fassett Lane donated the materials for construction and Mr. Owen's 2019-2020 Production class designed and built the library. Mandi Joyce-Phelps donated the charter plaque and registered the library with which ensures that it is on the national registry of little free libraries.

The public is invited to come and browse the selection whenever they like. You can take a book or leave a book or two if you have extras. There are plenty of children's books and a handful of teen and adult books as well.

There was a minor delay in the installation of the free library, which was expected to be opened in the spring of 2020, but something came up. Not sure what. Very mysterious.

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