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Legion Park Maple Removal

Andover residents may have noted some action occurring on the 1st Street Side of Legion Park. The tree offending that Wayne Grant brought to the board's attention on Tuesday is being carefully dismantled. That was quick.

Recently, limbs have leapt off the tree onto neighboring properties, and some branches still threaten local powerlines. The large tree is a Norway Maple estimated to be 70-100 years old by tree removal expert Aaron McGraw. So it is very likely one that was planted back in the 1930's by Fay Boyd. Norway maples have an average lifespan of 150 years however other factors can impact the health of these trees requiring earlier maintenance or removal.

The removal of the Legion Park maple is being handled primarily by Aaron McGraw with assistance from Andover DPW due to the electrical line entanglement. Norway maples can grow to over 60ft in height so this is no small task. The removal is not yet complete and is expected to take probably a while longer. I didn't ask how long it would take since they looked busy what with taking down a whole tree and all that.

Wayne Grant stated "We're just doin' the work that needs to be done at present. If anyone wants any wood, help yourself!"

Plans for further Legion Park revitalization are still in progress. The tree situation just became the most pressing issue since it was tossing branches about all willy nilly. If you want to volunteer your time to help with maintenance or revitalization plans or just want to talk about the history of the park just get in touch with Wayne Grant. He can be found wherever Wayne Grant is, which is around.

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