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Traffic Cones Sprout on Main Street

The April Showers have brought not only May flowers, but also a plethora of traffic cones on Main Street in Andover. The mysterious cones popped up overnight and run along the east side of Main Street between East Greenwood Street and Elm Street.

This situation has been developing and now there are backhoes and other vehicles doing something down near the old Blarney Stone. No residents seemed to have any idea what was going on just yet though one resident commented "Well obviously they're up to something."

It's probably just some sort of village maintenance thing or perhaps a construction type thing with the Blarney building. We'll probably all know what was up later today or not.

UPDATE: Guys, during the time it took to write this article they moved the cones to the west side of the street. This is perhaps a conspiracy to play games with our minds or an efficient drain cleaning operation.

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1 Comment

Sue Knight
Sue Knight
May 04, 2022

I am eager to see those cones on our road and hear those machines working. I know there are a lot of roads that need attention after our crazy weather this winter and spring!

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