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Cats in the Village

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

There has been a notable uptick in the area's outdoor cat population as of late. Clowders of cats are roaming the streets at all hours intimidating neighborhood dogs and leaving rodents in their wake. It's possible that the village has a few new indoor/outdoor cats or someone has upgraded to the cat lady/gent lifestyle package (with free bonus cat with your first half dozen). A more likely answer is that a feral cat colony has moved into the area and is multiplying with haste.

Several villagers have commented on Facebook about the uptick in feline residents of the village with comments ranging from "Where did all these cats come from?" to "Somebody best come get these cats." No one has yet claimed ownership of the cats or come to get said cats.

Last night it appeared to be feral cat prom night on Barney Street with yowls of revelry echoing in the valley. In approximately 65 days we can expect a new crop of kittens roving the village thumbing their noses at village quiet hours and invading local sheds and crawl spaces.

Remember to spay and neuter your pets folks or Bob Barker will be disappointed. No confirmation if this disappointment extends to haunting, but I wouldn't risk it.

Cat picture
Shady Cat hanging out on Dyke St. (Picture by Melissa Wlasniewski)

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