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Emily's Muffins Steal the Show at Chamber Meeting

The January Andover Chamber of Commerce meeting began belatedly at 6:02pm Tuesday evening. President Clark delayed the meeting for the tardy arrival of Nick Davis who denies any claims that he only came for the muffins. After swift review and approval of the previous meeting's minutes the chamber got right down to business. The officers' reports were sparce with President Erica Clark having nothing to report and Monica Dean also having nothing to report we assume as she was not in attendance. Secretary Emily McGinnis reported that she's still working on pricing and obtaining a printer. Treasurer Maria McCormick reported 3 new member dues paid and online banking still inaccessible. Other important takeaways are that the Andover Chamber of Commerce now has a P. O. Box which is number 57. The chamber website should be completed shortly, and applications and forms will be available there. There is also a logo in the works by a locally renowned artist, and a rough draft was reviewed which received rave reviews of and lots of head nodding. One attendee thought it was "very cool." There was a lot of talk about future fundraisers and ways to serve the community. There was discussion about the Main Street flower situation and supporting that. Cindy was happy to have the chamber fund the mums that she plants out by the old Goodbody's and at the Main Street Island. As to the flower boxes, she said those are someone else's domain. It was believed that the present flower boxes are funded as a memorial to Hatty Gavin, who was really cool and spent many years beautifying Andover's Main Street. The chamber will look into how to assist with that. Following the meeting Secretary Emily McGinnis, who was having a great hair day, served her famous homemade cranberry-orange muffins and her less famous, but still delicious banana muffins. Honestly, it was worth sitting through 41 minutes of meeting for those muffins. I am told that these muffins are not served at every meeting, but it was universally agreed that they should be.

Emily's Amazing Muffins

This meeting was an 8/10. It lasted a total of 41 minutes which is a bit long, but still well under the time limit for acceptable meetings. There were 10 people in attendance which is honestly a pretty good showing for a meeting in Andover. The muffins were "chef's kisses", as the young folks say.

A representation of my feelings for this muffin

The next meeting is February 15th at the Parish House at the corner of Church Street and Elm Street. © AndoverExclusive 2022

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