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Geese with Attitudes at Andover Ponds

Several Gaggles of Geese have been loitering around town with one settling near the ponds. Several area residents have captured these irritable and majestic creatures on camera including the images from Craig Braack below. He has captured some excellent images of the suspiciously synchronized actions of the geese near the pond.

While reports of grumpy geese earlier in the spring were not substantiated, we can now confirm their presence. A local bird enthusiast when asked if the geese in question were in fact grumpy stated, "It is my experience that all geese are grumpy."

The group of geese nearest to the First Andover Pond was fairly chill as far as geese go, but there was one Goose who was kinda a jerk. That particular goose appeared to be top goose in charge of the gaggle at the moment and the power has clearly gone to their head. The top goose was flapping and honking at it's fellow geese and definitely doing it's best to exude big goose energy for sure.

Apparently we were supposed to have been calling these flying mean girls Canada Geese instead of "Canadian Geese" this whole time and I'm just now discovering that. Ornithologists recognize the colloquial "Canadian Geese," but they really enjoy pointing out that you're wrong. I suspected that they actually changed the name to Canada Goose so they could give the rest of us a hard time about it, but turns out it's been Canada Goose the whole time.

With Canada Goose migration patterns as they are it's likely the ornery fowl will be hanging around until at least September and possibly until November. They seem more interested in harassing each other and pooping on lawn than they are in people (or so they would have us think), so leaving them alone is probably the best move.

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