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Public Service Announcement: Bears Y'all

Jellystone Park ain't got nothin on us here in Andover and our bears are a bit more 3D. There are presently 4 active bears that have come into the village in the last week that you should be keeping an eye out for.

One very large male likes to wander from Maple St to Elm St. making pit-stops to eat on First St and W Center. However discerning bears say Grove St. has the best leftovers in the village and an adult female bear loves to dine from the garbage cans in that neighborhood. Two juvenile bears seem to be attracted to the bird food on Water and Barney Streets, but have also been spotted on Fairview.

According to the DEC website black bears in NY have a home range of 25-100 miles so really anywhere in town is fair game for these furry folks.

Food source is the primary factor in their favorite hangout spots. Local authorities request that residents please cover garbage and bring inside if possible and please remove bird feeders. Removing attractive food sources will help to keep the bears and non-bear residents of Andover safer.

If you see bears in the village you should leave it alone and back away from the bear. You can report your bear sighting to all your friends and frenemies on Facebook and also dispatch at 1-585-268-9600. Local DEC is aware and monitoring the bear situation.

Andover Police Chief Rumfelt kindly asks residents "please do not leave Yogi and Bo Bo any picnic baskets."

Photo courtesy of Darci Burrows of a morning visitor on her street

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